Oxford University Students’ Union President Elect Rashmi Samant Was Bullied, Harassed, Finds University’s Internal Investigation

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The Oxford University internal investigation has concluded that students’ union president elect Rashmi Samant was bullied and harassed in a concerted manner.
After she was elected the president of the Oxford University Students’ Union in February this year, she faced a series of bullying and name calling which started on social media platforms. She was termed Islamophobic, Homophobic etc. Her parents were also dragged into the bullying.
Samant resigned even before starting her tenure.
In a series of tweets on Friday (July 16), advocate Adhitya Srinivasan, Rashmi’s counsel, wrote the internal committee has completed its investigation and he was pleased with the outcome.
He wrote “Oxford has finally concluded its investigation into the harassment complaint filed by Ms Rashmi Samant (@RashmiDVS ). I am delighted that a decision has been reached, and I am pleased with the outcome of the investigation.”
He added “The past few months have no doubt been emotionally wrecking for @RashmiDVS and I have nothing but admiration for her grit and perseverance throughout the process!”
He expressed his inability to say more about the investigation as he was ‘precluded’. He wrote “For those asking for more details, I’m afraid we’re precluded from saying anything more at this stage. Personally, I think this is unfortunate given that @RashmiDVS was subjected to a very public humiliation.”
Rashmi expressed his joy on the conclusion of the investigation writing “Cannot think of a more apt summary for the saga this has been, धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः”