Jagan's destruction of Andhra – dangerous conversion agenda that would break India

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“This article was written in response to the disturbing news about temple burnings and attacks on Hindu temples in the Andhra state, attempt to murder (as alleged by his wife) a pro-Hindu sitting Member of Indian parliament Raghurama Krishan Raju by Andhra Jagan administration. It goes into the sad state of India’s politics in many states, the dangers from history of medieval Christianity, what the Western Global agenda is, what is at stake for unity of India and the actions India need to take immediately.”

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Before Apple founder Steve Jobs died due to cancer, he purchased 500 books of ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ by Paramahamsa Yogananda and asked that a copy of the book with his message of self-actualization be passed to every top CEO of the world who would attend his funeral. Just to grasp it, every single top executive of every top notch company around the world managing billions to trillions dollars of business were advised to read this book for their own advancement. The most popular Western teacher in the Christian World today, such as Eckhart Tolle, regularly talks about Hindu saint Ramana Maharshi and the great spiritual wisdom of India. Sanskrit fever grips Germany with 14 universities teaching India’s ancient language and is struggling to meet the demand. NASA says Sanskrit is the best computer language for Artificial intelligence. 177 nations around the world signed up for International Yoga day with little effort. World renowned cosmologist Carl Sagan (famous Cosmos series) says secrets of the universe are hidden in the Hindu scriptures. Oppenheimer who led the Manhattan project that created the atom bomb marvelled at the first detonation of an atom bomb in New Mexico desert in the USA by holding Bhagavad Gita and reciting the 15th chapter where Krishna revealed his infinite energy.
We routinely hear that quantum physicists were inspired by Vedanta and that Bharat is not only the mother of all civilizations but the advancements of the very science we see today in the West is built on foundations in India, until the Islamic conquests and Western colonialism destroyed it.. Wherever you go in the West you can see the craving for what Hinduism can provide. In the backdrop of this you wonder then why is India rejecting Hinduism which the West is adopting and taking in the very thing they are rejecting, the narrow Church defined medieval Christianity. Is this the story of a person who had a precious diamond but never knew the value of it and threw it away or lack of comprehension of dangerous Global missionary agenda or both?
Best thinkers in India, whether it is Ambedkar, Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, Aurobindo and many others have warned against conversions to Christianity as practiced and propagated by the Church in non-Christian countries. Latest information coming from British own records show that the so called Shudras of India are not only the most educated in India’s native school system but also the richest in the country until Christian British systematically destroyed and plundered. This article was written in response to the disturbing news about temple burnings and attacks on Hindu temples in the Andhra state, attempt to murder (as alleged by his wife) a pro-Hindu sitting Member of Indian parliament Raghurama Krishan Raju by Andhra Jagan administration . It goes into the sad state of India’s politics in many states, the dangers from history of medieval Christianity, what the Western Global agenda is, what is at stake for unity of India and the actions India need to take immediately. While the tone may sometimes be bitter and the article may be long, please have an open mind and read it to educate yourself to save the greatest country and culture that ever existed in world history and which is still the only guiding light for humanity because of its message of oneness with the entire universe. The quote by Annie Besant below sums up the pain behind this article:
“After a study of some forty years and more of the great religions of the world, I find none so perfect , none so scientific, none so philosophical and none so spiritual that the great religion known by the name of Hinduism. Make no mistake, without Hinduism, India has no future. Hinduism is the soil into which India’s roots are stuck and torn out of that she will inevitably wither as a tree torn out from its place. And if Hindus do not maintain Hinduism who shall save it? If India’s own children do not cling to her faith, who shall guard it. Hinduism alone can save India and India and Hinduism are one. ” – Annie Besant (1847-1933)
One last note – even if you cannot complete reading the entire article, at the least read all the headings and the pictures.
Sad state of Andhra Politics and alleged attempt to murder a sitting member of Parliament
It is a sad state of India that the best among us left India where we are managing even multi-billion dollar companies in the West but we have left India’s politics mostly to the scum of the nation. Andhra is considered a forward state when compared to other states. However, politics seems to have gone to the sink with regular temple attacks and vandalism, aggressive conversion agenda, torture and alleged attempt of murder of a pro-Hindu Member of parliament Raghurama Krishnam Raju who was simply taken from home with framed up charges by CM Jagan Reddy administration because of his routine criticism of Jagan’s policies of anti-Hinduism, casteism, factionalism, corruption. But for the quick engagement of the family and intervention of SC apparently he could have been killed or debilitated to the point where he could not function (as alleged by his wife). Even during Emergency, Indira Gandhi has not perpetrated such acts on opposition politicians leave alone a sitting Member of Parliament. Jagan Reddy himself spent 16 months in jail on a disproportionate assets case and never complained of any poor treatment during his entire jail time.
What a shame? Is this what we call Indian Democracy?
At the time he was arrested in 2012, Jagan was considered the richest politician in the country with CBI charging him of entering into a conspiracy to dole out favors to various companies in return for the investments made into his firms (some even non-existing) when his father YSR was a CM. Jagan’s many multi-million dollar palaces (Hyderabad, Pulivendulu, Bangalore, even Amaravati), speaks for itself. To give an idea, his Hyderabad palace has 75 rooms spread over one acre land in prime Banjara Hills area. When CBI raided that house in 2011 it took many officials 10 hours to go through the building. It even had plans for helipad and unofficial estimate of this palace alone is nearly 400 crores! His highly guarded Bangalore palace is on a 31 acre plot with even a helipad for helicopter landing!! This is in a country where per capita income of 1.4 billion population is just about 1 lac rupees per year! His co-conspirator in the massive corruption scheme is another character called Vijay Sai Reddy who is also a trustee of TTD for multiple terms!
Jagan’s Palaces

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Jagan has not held a single job and never had a business but has estimated worth running into billions of rupees and is now sitting as CM of Andhra Pradesh while he is on bail!. He is currently apparently compromising witnesses on his cases with plum posts to the very officers who were convicted and were jailed with him on his corruption cases!! It is most likely BJP performance in West Bengal with little action from Center during post-poll violence emboldened him to commit crimes against a sitting Member of Parliament. This raises a question. If a sitting Lok Sabha MP can be targeted, is it possible tomorrow the Prime Minister, Home Minister or even a Supreme Court or High court judges be targeted through shady means if they are seen as opposing his agenda? Many say state is witnessing no rule of law or any respect for constitution. Apparently any criticism of Jagan will get one arrested within 24 hours with framed charges. That is India for you.
Jagan family following dangerous agenda of conversion and virulent anti-India and anti-Hindu agenda for power and profit
But this story of corruption is not new to India. There are many sick and degenerate criminals in India occupying highest political offices in several states but what makes Jagan and his family a very dangerous force is they are implementing a Western Christian missionary agenda of converting Andhra (and Telangana) into Christianity which has potential to break India, particularly South India by using medieval Christian methods. He and his family consisting of his mother Vijayamma, sister Sharmila and brother-in-law Anil Kumar are Christian fanatics who dress like Hindus to fool the gullible. Western agencies under project Joshua with publicly declared agenda to Christianize India were easily able to buy ethically bankrupt people like his brother-in-law Anil Kumar. Jagan’s sister Sharmila started a new party in Telangana to create a Christian voting block in Telangana which also has 20 to 30% already converted. Her agenda is to force policies that will pave for more conversions using Christians as a voting block. Why are they so interested in conversions when the enlightened Christians in the West are increasingly craving and adopting tenets of Hinduism, perhaps even worldwide. Is the conversion agenda a cover for power and corruption? The rise of Jagan in Andhra has a lot to do with enormous support from Western Christian missionary infrastructure. In the process, this family is playing into the very Western Global elite forces planning to break India.
The torture Saga and the return of the ‘Inquistion’?
Jagan and his family, particularly his brother-in-law Anil Kumar has emboldened Christian fanatics in the state with temple burnings, illegal churches and conversions and suppression of genuine voices against these illegal activities. Andhra IPS Officer in charge of Andhra CID PV Sunil Kumar who was recently in news for bashing Hindus led a team that tortured pro-Hindu MP Raghuram Krishnam Raju. Apparently one of his team members sat on the chest of the MP (who recently had a heart surgery) and asked him to unlock and hand over to him the smartphone. Just few days ago there were efforts to put up a statue of Islamic tyrant Tipu Sultan who has committed many atrocities against Hindus in Karnataka and Kerala in efforts to build Muslim vote bank. Virulent Hindu haters are supported with public funds as seen from recent efforts of the Government attempt to sanction 17 lacs of public funds to Kathi Mahesh who was met with an accident. Kathi Mahesh was earlier banned from entering Hyderabad for his abuse of Hindu gods. This Hindu abuser is whom the state chose to fund when the State is suffering immensely for lack of funds even to pay employee salaries, pensions or even farmers for their produce. To this day, the culprits who burnt Antarvedi temple chariot were not apprehended, nor were any cases of attacks on Hindu worship places resolved. Abusing the Hindu Endowments act they are filling the employees in temples with almost all non-Hindus who have little regard for Hinduism.
Christianized Andhra security structure – fanatics & fake religion certificates
Christian invasions and conversions happen by first capturing the prominent people and then through propaganda and other mechanisms capture power. Once power is captured, there will be systematic persecution to force the non-converts. To pursue this agenda requires a strong security force. In the initial phase it works by keeping an eagle clad eye on those who oppose conversions agenda and facilitate those who are engaging conversions by protecting them. Later phases will use blatant force. Jagan home minister Mekathoti Sucharita is a self declared Christian who illegally got elected from a SC reserved constituency by faking a religion certificate. Hindu bashing Christian convert Sunil Kumar who also tortured MP Raghuram Raju is in charge of CID . He openly admitted he was a Christian. Sources say most of Andhra police is Christianized and it has reached point of no return, which is why there is no chance of atrocities against Hindus or Hindu worship places ever being fairly investigated . Within days of Jagan taking power, circulars were sent out to many local police forces in some areas to protect only minority worship places when in reality the Hindu worship places were the targets of attack.
 (This article was first published in Satya Blog)