Brothel Inside A Church Busted in Tamil Nadu, Seven Including Pastor Arrested

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When the locals felt that the church was being frequently visited by too many young people and luxury cars, they alerted the authorities.

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 The Tamil Nadu police busted a brothel running inside the church in Kanyakumari district and arrested seven people, including Pastor Rev. Dr. Lal N S Shine Singh and four women.
The Federal Church of India is affiliated with the Diocese of Christ Anglican Church of India and was founded by Pastor Rev. Dr. Lal N S Shine Singh.
Pastor Rev. Dr. Lal N S Shine Singh is also the church president, was running the brothel for a long time. The church is reportedly one of the largest in the area.
After the police gathered intelligence input on the complaints, it raided the church to arrest the culprits red-handed.
During the interrogation, the pastor reportedly confessed to running a brothel in the church. One of the arrested sex workers revealed, her mother forced her into prostitution.