IMA writes to ICMR against Baba Ramdev, remains mute on its head Dr Jayalal's evangelical tricks

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New Delhi: The Indian Medical Association (IMA) on Wednesday wrote to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) against yoga guru Baba Ramdev alleging him of making "Unprovoked demeaning and prejudicing utterances against modern medicine". "We are therefore seeking your indulgence as the statutorily authorized 'custodian' of modern medicine in the interest of the medical profession and medical professionals especially in the context of the material fact that self-styled Baba Ramdev through his ruthless public utterances is making a mockery of modern medicine and the professionals which tantamount to the mockery and ridicule of the life-saving protocols that have been worked out by the Indian Council of Medical Research and have been successfully put into operation that has resulted in unparalleled effectivity," wrote IMA in its letter to ICMR
"However, the quack Baba Ramdev in his public depiction is not only tarnishing it but also undermining the entire responsive and responsible contribution of Indian Council of Medical Research in such difficult times which is uncharitable and also defamatory and tarnishing in nature and character in taming the crook and the quack in the garb of Baba Ramdev from causing unilateral irreparable damage to the fair name and credit of the protocols prescribed by the ICMR, executed by the modern medicine professionals including humiliation that he has heaped on the Covid martyrs by insulting them in the most barbaric and beastly manner," the letter adds.
Demand for Resignation of IMA Chief Dr. Austin Johnrose Jayalal, Who is Accused of Misusing Office for Proselytisation, Grows Louder
Dr. Jitendra Nagar, an IMA member and Gujarat based diabetologist, said charges against Dr. Jayalal were very serious in nature and he should be removed from the office till all the charges are probed thoroughly.
In a letter written to the IMA, Dr. Nagar said, “How a person sitting on the highest post of IMA can pursue his vitriolic agenda of conversion?”
He also asked the IMA national office bearers to form a committee to probe the allegations against him.
Dr. Johnrose had earlier said “When leprosy, cholera, and other pandemics devastated the world, it was Christian doctors and churches who stood against it, showing Christian compassion.”
He had added, “And the urgent need of the proclamation of the Gospel to people who are suffering from the virus has allowed us to share the Gospel even in secular institutions.”
Dr. Johnrose was elected the IMA president in October last year.
In an interview with Haggai International, he has credited it “with revitalizing his spiritual life and infusing his medical work with Gospel urgency.”
Haggai International claims “Our vision is to see every nation redeemed and transformed through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”
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