Union Govt to Spend 450 Billion Rupees to Provide Free Covid-19 Vaccination to All Adults

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The Union government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi will spend 450 billion rupees to ensure free Covid-19 vaccination for all adults in the country.
In a televised address Monday, PM Modi said the Union government would procure the vaccines from the manufacturers and distribute it to states free of cost.
Since the beginning of May, the procurement policy was decentralised and the states were allowed to procure 25 percent vaccine shots from the manufacturers. The Union government was procuring 50 percent. The remaining 25 percent was left for the private players.
Earlier, states had requested the centre for decentralising the procurement process. But, realising the hardships, many opposition ruled states requested the centre to procure vaccines.
Reuters, in an exclusive report, reported the Union government would now spend 450 billion rupees, 100 billion rupees more than the previously budgeted 350 billion rupees.
From June 21, the Union government will procure 75 vaccine shots from the manufacturers, leaving 25 percent for the private players.
As on June 8, about 24 crore vaccine doses have been administered in the country.
Currently, Serum Institute manufactured Covishield and Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin are being administered in the country.