Harbhajan Singh apologises for Instagram story on Khalistani Separatist Bhindranwale says, will never support anything anti-India

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-Yatharth Sikka

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Former Indian Cricketer Harbhajan Singh has offered an unconditional apology and conceded he had hurt the sentiments of his fellow countrymen after sharing a controversial post featuring Khalistani separatist Bhindranwale.
On the 37th anniversary of Operation Blue Star, Harbhajan Singh shared an Instagram story that showed Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale as a martyr.
After that, Harbhajan Singh faced flak as netizens criticised him for his support to the Khalistani leader.
Taking to Instagram and Twitter on Monday, Harbhajan Singh said his intention was not to post anything against the country’s interests. Harbhajan conceded that he did not look into the content but shared the post in haste on his Instagram account.
“My apology to my people, I just wish to clarify and apologise for an Instagram post yesterday. It was a WhatsApp forward that I posted in haste without even realising the content used and what it signified or stood for,” Harbhajan tweeted.
“That was my mistake I accept, and no stage do I subscribe to the views on that post or support the people whose pictures were carried, he added.
“I am a Sikh who will fight for India and not against India. This is my unconditional apology for hurting the sentiments of my nation in fact, any anti-national group against my people I do not support and never will,” he added.
I have given my blood and sweat for this country for 20 years and will never support anything that is anti-India, Harbhajan’s tweet reads.
The Instagram story that Harbhajan shared featured Bhnidranwale, among others, calling them martyrs. The post was in Punjabi, and it read, “Heartfelt tribute to those martyred in Operation inside Shri Harmandir Sahib on
June 1-6, 1984”.