Controversial Kerala Journalist links RSS with Gandhi’s Assassination, Calls It a 'Hindu Terrorist Organisation'; Demand Grows for Action against M.V Nikesh Kumar

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In a desperate attempt to save his sinking news channel the ‘Reporter TV’, controversial Malayalam journalist M.V Nikesh Kumar in the channel debate linked RSS with Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination, an allegation proven to be false in the court of law. He went further to call RSS ‘a Hindu Terrorist Organisation’. Nikesh Kumar also claimed that the ban of RSS was lifted in 1949 after agreeing to work with the Congress party, which again is a baseless claim.
M.V Nikesh Kumar in 2016 contested unsuccessfully on a CPM ticket from Azhikode constituency, where he was defeated by his rival Muslim league candidate. His father M.V Raghavan was once a CPM leader and after being expelled by the party survived multiple assassination attempts by CPM goons.
After Islamists’ unleashing ‘Lakshadweep propaganda’, Nikesh Kumar and Reporter TV had been trying to peddle fake narratives and instigate people against the Lakshadeep administration.
There are multiple allegations of financial frauds committed by M.V Nikesh Kumar. Laly Joseph, a business partner of Nikesh, had alleged that Nikesh took Rs 1.5 crore from her and offered her the post of channel director, but duped her by not giving the post.
For peddling fake allegations on RSS, netizens are demanding action against M.V Nikesh Kumar from the concerned authorities.