Bon Voyage to Lord Macaulay, Getting rid of Final Exams

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Akhand Pratap Singh
From what to think to how to think, the new education policy 2020 tried to introduce some major changes but the method for final evaluation is still the same. Our educational think-tank could not find any better alternative of final exams. Actually conducting exams for final evaluation was the idea of Lord Macaulay’s education policy which was introduced in 1835 more than a hundred years back of independence. But even after 75 years of independence, we are following that practice for final evaluation. The performance in final exams decides the career of a student.
But this year Hon’ble Prime Minister announced to cancel the 12th exams of the CBSE and ICSE board. He said, “health and safety of the student are of the utmost importance”. The decision was followed by State Governments of Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Goa, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. Many other states are also seriously thinking to follow the same. This is a fair call of the Central government because the 2020-21 academic year had a dark shadow of covid-19. Schools were opened after December and there are many students who could not afford digital devices, so they could not even complete half of their syllabus.
While after the second wave some of the students lost their either parents or both. Most of the students were surrounded by stress, fear and uncertainty. This is not a fair atmosphere to conduct exams; India is panic. But the question is whether the exams are the only method to evaluate student performance? Certainly not because three hours exam could not evaluate a student’s whole year performance. The idea of evaluation through exams is completely outdated; modern problems require modern solutions. In a digital world, we have to find some much better alternative because this is 2021, not 1835.
But unfortunately, Lord Macaulay is still dominating our students. He is forcing them to think according to his idea of education to a colonial state. Because of this colonial education system not a single Indian educational institute could make a mark among the world top hundred educational institutes. It’s not due to lack of infrastructure or facilities or any other thing but the main reason behind it is exams dominated education system. This exam centric approach cannot lead us to our dream of Vishwa Guru. Ancient universities like Takshila and Nalanda were not famous for exams but had many other things to deliver which could attract students globally.
It’s the time for students to look beyond jobs; it’s the time when they need to set an example for next generation. India is the youngest nation but having the oldest education system. This year exam have already been cancelled, for now it's the time to think deeply about what should be the method of evaluation and that method should reflect the aims of new education policy of 2020 also keeping in mind our dream of Vishwa Guru dear students It's the time to say “ Goodbye Lord Macaulay”.