“No Regrets in Pursuit Thirty-two years ago”, says Dr Chin Jin ; Chinese Speaking territories see no major Tiananmen Square events due to Crackdown and COVID

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For the first time since the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, there were no formal commemoration events held in the Chinese-speaking world for the anniversary due to the crackdown by the Chinese government in Hong Kong and COVID restrictions in Taiwan.
Thirty-two years after soldiers crushed student protests in Beijing and had killed several thousand people. But these restrictions haven’t reduced the pain of memories from global citizens.
Dr. Chin Jin, Chair of the Federation For A Democratic China from Sydney, Australia on the eve of 32nd anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre on 4th June, 1989 in Beijing, said “No Regrets in Pursuit Thirty-two years ago, the “Tiananmen Massacre” shocked the world; the young blood stained that ancient Forbidden City. Thirty-two years later, the mothers’ tears have dried up from weeping; the thousands of the lost souls have not yet rested in peace. We have chosen to stand with all the fallen heroes and victims; We have chosen not to succumb to the murderous tyranny regime."
We have chosen to use music to remind the world to remember this tragedy where the wounds have not been healed; the devil is still hijacking the land. And moreover, we have chosen to use music to extol freedom; the God-given inalienable rights granted to each of us. The journey of this thirty-two years of pursuit is my Rubicon Bridge -- a journey of no return, a pursuit of no regrets. As we count our blessings for living in this beloved new homeland, a shining city on a hill; our determination to seek liberty and justice for that lost nation across the ocean is forever," he added.