UP Conversion Racket Establishes link of Islamists with ISI

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Investigation into the UP fraudulent conversion racket run by Islamists that targeted vulnerable Hindu youth exposes its nefarious designs and international linkages

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Mohammed Omar Gautam and Mufti KaziJehangirAlam were arrested by UP Anti-Terror Squad

Recently, the Anti-Terror Squad of the UP Police busted a gang of Islamists involved in mass conversion of Hindus to Islam by taking advantage of their physical as well as financial disabilities. Masterminds of this fraudulent conversion racket Mufti KaziJehangirAlam and Mohammed Omar Gautam were arrested from National Capital Region.
According to the police, the investigation revealed that they had converted more than 1,000 young and vulnerable people so far.Prashant Kumar, ADG Law & Order UP, said, “UP ATS arrested two persons for their involvement in religious conversion on pretext of money, job and marriage of people from weaker economic sections and students. Probe revealed that the accused were funded by some international organisations including ISI.”
Both the arrested are residents of Jamia Nagar in Delhi. They were running Islamic Dawa’h Centre for propagation of Islam from Jamia Nagar.Noida-based Noida Deaf Society was on the radar of the conversion mafia. They used to lure the students with the offer of money, job, marriage and good life.
One Rajiv Yadav had complained that his son Mannu, who was a student at NDS, had converted to Islam and was threatening to kill his family. One Aditya Gupta’s parents had similar complaints.When the UP Police investigated the claims, it found them to be true.
Rajiv Yadav said to the Organiser, “We noticed the changes in Mannu but had no information about what was going on behind the scenes. We complained to police and other authorities but no one helped us in the beginning.”He expressed hope that his child would return home safely.

Hindu Seers Up the Ante

Upset by the reports of rising fraudulent conversions in the country by Islamist and evangelist groups, Hindu religious leaders have voiced their concern and asked the government to bring in a pan-India law against religious conversions. The apex body of 13 religious orders, the Akhil Bhartiya Akhara Parishad (ABAP) has called a meeting of all the akharas to decide on the steps to be taken to check religious conversions. The date of the meeting is yet to be announced.
Recently, two persons were arrested on charges of converting more than 1,000 persons taking advantage of their physical disabilities. Many of them were fooled to change their religion. ABAP president Mahant Narendra Giri said, "We have to find a solution and provide an equal opportunity to all so that such incidents could be stopped. There are not only external factors for this but there are fault-lines within us also. Experiences have shown us that those who have been neglected in the mainstream or those who have been treated as outcasts, tend to take refuge in other religions. We will request the Hindus to rise above the considerations of caste and treat everyone with dignity, share mutual respect and avoid circumstances wherein someone changes his or her religion."
The Mahant said a meeting of the representatives of all the 13 akharas would be held soon and the agenda would be to ask disciples and common Hindus to rise above the caste system and mull over steps for bringing back to the fold those who have changed their religion.
Chief patron of Juna Akhara Mahant Hari Giri said, "We have always advocated welcoming back those who have switched over to other religions. Seers and disciples would be given the task of convincing people to rise above the narrow considerations of the caste system."
The ABAP, two days ago, supported the introduction of a legal draft for population control. Mahant Narendra Giri, in a press statement, had said that the seers have always demanded that the ever-increasing population in the country should be controlled. He had said that under the Population Control Act, it should be ensured that couples, irrespective of their religion, should have only two children. 
Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath ordered the UP Police to invoke the stringent provisions of the National Security Act against the two persons accused.He also ordered invoking Uttar Pradesh Gangsters, and the Anti-Social Activities (Prevention) Act against the arrested people.
Mohammed Gautam, who hails from Uttar Pradesh, had converted to Islam in the late 1980s.The UP ATS produced the two arrested in a local court and Lucknow and got seven days police custody. The investigating authorities are searching for their funding sources as they have established a massive network for funding.
Meanwhile, the Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP), on June 22, demanded a central anti-conversion law to stop all illegal conversions in the country.Dr.Surendra Jain, Joint General Secretary of VHP, said, “With the arrest of the Conversion-Jihadists from Delhi's Jamia Nagar, it has become unquestionably clear to the whole country how deep, widespread, disgusting, sickening and nationwide the trap-web of conversion is!”
The VHP expressed apprehension that the Islamic conversion mafia would use vulnerable children as “cannon fodder to be spent in terrorist activities”.They convinced the vulnerable that their religion was the reason for their miseries and if they converted to Islam, it would solve their problems.
Dr. Jain said, “With the entry of Islam in Bharat, the vicious cycle of conversion by force, fraud, and allurement had begun. The trap-web of this conspiracy is nationwide and many more wicked, atrocious and monstrous varieties and types have come to the fore.”
He went on to say that the conversion racket had been at work nonstop even during the epidemic when the entire country was thinking of methods to combat covid.“During the deadly times of Corona pandemic, the entire country is exercised and mobilized with full dedication to help the COVID-19 victims, but the agenda-led Jihadis and the missionaries are engaged in harvesting converts to swell up their respective folds to impress upon their foreign and domestic donors to rain on the Conversion-Jeevis more and more funds,” Dr. Jain added.