Another Assassination Attempt on Dasna Devi Temple Head Priest Yati Narsinhanand Saraswati, Fatwas Were Issued Against Him After He Had Criticised Islam

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Another assassination attempt was made late Wednesday night on Dasna Devi Temple head priest Yati Narsinhanand Saraswati.
Two assassins were arrested from the campus of the temple.
The Uttar Pradesh police is conducting an inquiry to ascertain the link of the two assassins.
Surgical knives were recovered during the body search of the assassins.
Lat month, a Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorist was arrested who had come from Kashmir to murder the head priest.
Fatwas were issued against Yati Narsinhanand Saraswati when he had criticised Islam in April this year.
Huge rallies were organised by Muslims at many places demanding his beheading.
AAP MLA in Delhi Amanatullah Khan had publicly asked for his beheading. No action was taken against him.
Shri Saraswati said, “Two assassins were arrested from the campus. Another attempt was made to eliminate me.
Eliminating me is not that easy.”
The two assassins entered the premises after identifying themselves as Vipul Vijayvargiya and Kashi Gupta.
A police personnel mans the entry gate.
Their activities inside the campus were suspicious. So, the disciples of the head priest started enquiry.
After surgical knives were recovered, police were alerted.
The one who had introduced himself as Kashi Gupta was actually Kashif.