Writer Advaita Kala and Designer Divya Bindra Launch “Project Bhulli” to Help Remote Villages in Uttarakhand Fight Covid-19 Pandemic

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“Project Bhulli” , launched by writer Advaita Kalla and designer Divya Bindra Kapur, in collaboration with Abhinav Bindra Foundation, helps the remote villages in Uttarakhand fight Covid-19 pandemic.
Noted script writer Advaita Kala and designer Divya Bindra Kapur have launched “Project Bhulli” to help remote villages in Uttarakhand fight Covid-19 pandemic.
Uttarakhand has some villages which are very difficult to access. “Project Bhulli” provides resources to people in such villages with the hope that asymptomatic and mild cases will be taken care of.
People are also suffering because of the economic destruction caused by the pandemic.
The kit provided under “Project Bhulli” has not only medical agents like face masks, pulse oximeters, basic medicines but also ration.
More than 2000 masks, 300 medical kits, ration packets etc have already been distributed.
The project, which was endorsed by CBFC chairman and lyricist Prasoon Joshi, actors Anil Kapoor and Mandira Bedi, raised the funds in the first round for Tehri & Garhwal region.
Now, it is raising funds for the second round. The project expects to launch the second round soon.