Saudi Arabia Minister Defends Order to Lower Volume of Mosque Loudspeakers, Says Faithfuls Don’t Need Reminders

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Last week, the Islamic Affairs Ministry Passed an order to lower the volume of mosque loudspeakers.
The Islamic Affairs Minister in Saudi Arabia defended the order to lower the volume of the mosque loudspeakers.
Last week, the ministry had passed an order asking the mosques not to raise the volume above one-third of the maximum volume of the loudspeaker.
Reuters wrote “Islamic Affairs Minister Abdullatif al-Sheikh said the changes were a response to complaints from the public over excessive volume, including from the elderly and parents whose children's sleep was being disrupted.”
It quoted the minister “Those who want to pray don't need to wait for ... the imam's voice. They should be at the mosque beforehand.”
The minister also blamed ‘the haters of the Kingdom’ for criticising the decision with an intention to create trouble in the country.
The order said there was no need to broadcast the whole prayer over the loudspeaker.