Asked to go the ‘Communist way’, Mathrubhumi News Head resigns

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In yet another incident that exposes the partiality shown by Kerala news channels to the Communist party, Mathrubhumi News head Unni Balakrishnan has resigned from his position. There are reports of the channel management pressurising him to favour the communist party, resulting in his resignation.
Mathrubhumi News channel is owned by Loktantrik Janata Dal leader M.V Sreyamskumar, an ally to the ruling CPM.
Earlier, in the channel ratings, Mathrubhumi News was at the top three list, but the launching of Janam TV and other new news channels further pushed Mathrubhumi down. As per the sources, the management is of the opinion that supporting the government will help the channel to get more views.
It is a known fact that most of the news channels’ editorial policies favour CPM in Kerala.