COVID Wave: Indian Railway Passengers Can Now Order Hygienic and Delicious Food on Train

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The journey of a passenger of the Indian Railways is incomplete without food. Although many Indian railway stations have food stalls and small food shops, from where you can buy your food, it would be advisable to ensure cleanliness before making any purchase.


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Although in the past there was also a pantry car arrangement in the train, the passengers were not satisfied with the food being provided by it. Even after paying a hefty amount, railway passengers were unable to find food of their choice. In view of the increasing awareness about the prices and food options, Indian Railways partnered with private companies. There are well-known companies of the region who provide delicious and fresh food in trains at reasonable rates. This initiative of Indian Railways has solved the problem of food in trains and also created many new employment opportunities.


RailRestro is an IRCTC authorised premium food partner that serves food to rail passengers on their train seats. While doing so, the company ensures that the food is fresh, hygienic and safe. RailRestro has collaborated with more than 2000 restaurants which strictly follow the guidelines of food quality and hygiene. It is to be noted that all the restaurant associates of RailRestro are approved by FSSAI.


RailRestro offers a variety of cuisines such as North Indian, South Indian, Rajasthani, Jain food and Bengali food including Italian, Chinese, and other continental food as well. They have also started offering baby food on trains. Travelers can now enjoy hot milk, khichdi, fruits, salads etc.


RailRestro is the most preferred brand for providing food during train travel in India. The company started this journey with a vision to deliver Fresh, tasty and healthy food to every passenger on their train seat. The company is strictly following contactless food delivery guidelines during the Covid period.


Delivery boys are allowed to pick food packets after they have sanitized their hands. Also, the delivery bag is cleaned before each food delivery. It is also mandatory for all delivery boys to install the Aarogya Setu App on their mobile. Otherwise, they are not permitted to deliver food on the train. RailRestro ensures that the delivery boy must wear a face mask and hand gloves while delivering the food. They put the food packet on the seat/berth and ask passengers to pick it up. In addition, RailRestro partners with only FSSAI approved restaurants that follow all the safety guidelines like preservation of foods, transportation and quality maintenance strictly. 


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During the COVID wave, RailRestro has essentially looked upon the packaging of food to prevent any transmission of viruses. Passengers are requested to remove the cover of food packets soon after the delivery and throw them up in the bin. Doing so has helped prevent Coronavirus risk and deliver food in trains safely.


Amid the COVID pandemic, customers have shown more trust in the RailRestro brand. This company continued to supply food on the train even when Indian Railway suspended the operation of most of the trains, and very few trains were running. IRCTC has also stopped providing pantry car food in trains to curb the risk of the pandemic. This step has increased the troubles of passengers because foods available on the stalls at railway stations are mostly unhygienic and low in quality. Delivering fresh food to passengers during this phase of COVID is challenging, although RailRestro is doing it well. One can assume the popularity of RailRestro among passengers from the fact that it has successfully done more than 60 lakh food deliveries on trains till date.