US President Joe Biden Overturns Donald Trump’s Order Banning the Chinese Apps; orders resumption of services of TikTok, WeChat, Alipay

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In a big relief to Chinese apps operating in the United States, President Joe Biden passed executive orders Wednesday overturning Donald Trump’s orders which had effectively banned these apps in the United States.
Then-president Donald Trump had passed a series of orders which had prohibited new downloads on TikTok, WeChat and Alipay, among others.
President Biden in his order directed the commerce department to review the security threat from these apps and the status of the users data.
The US Republican Senator Josh Howley criticised President Biden’s order writing “This is a major mistake - shows alarming complacency regarding #China’s access to Americans’ personal information, as well as #China’s growing corporate influence.”
Citing the record of the Chinese government, the Trump administration had argued the Chinese apps posed a threat to the personal data of millions of American users.