Chinese Nationals, With Help from Indian Fraudsters, Duped 5 Lakh Indians of More Than 150 Crore Rupees

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In a major breakthrough, the Delhi Police busted an online syndicate that has duped more than five lakh Indians of more than 150 crore rupees.
The mastermind of the syndicate are Chinese nationals who were running the operations with the help of Indian professionals including two Chartered Accountants.
The fraudsters asked the customers to invest small amounts and offered good returns on the investment.
Once they gained the confidence of the customers, they asked customers to invest large amounts. Once the gullible customer invested a large amount, her account was blocked by the fraudsters.
They duped more than five lakh people of more than 150 crore rupees.
After getting multiple complaints, the cyber cell of the Delhi Police planted a fake customer and conducted some transactions to trail the syndicate.
The CAs were helping the Chinese nationals in setting up shell companies and bank accounts to route the duped money.
One arrested fraudster, Robin, had 29 bank accounts and 30 active cellphones. The accounts were used to create a web and confute the authorities.
The fraudsters were running the gang from Delhi-NCR, West Bengal, Karnataka, Gujarat and Assam.
The Delhi Police conducted multiple raids in the last one week to bust the syndicate.