After Criticising Pakistan Army, Geo TV Anchor Hamid Mir Apologises to the Powerful Pakistan Military Establishment

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Hamid Mir, who hosts a talk show on Geo TV, was banned and taken off air after he criticised the Pakistan Army and intelligence agencies for orchestrating attacks on journalists.
Pakistani journalist and Geo TV anchor Hamid Mir Wednesday apologised to the powerful Pakistan military establishment and intelligence agencies saying he had no intention to harm their reputation.
A joint statement issued by Hamid Mir, the Rawalpindi Islamabad Union of Journalists and the National Press Club read Mir had high regard for the sacrifices made by the Pakistan military in the service of the nation.
In a protest speech on May 28 in National Press Club, Mir had criticised the Pakistan army for orchestrating attacks on journalists.
After a fellow journalist was beaten in his apartment by three unidentified people, journalists protested outside the NPC office on May 28.
Mir had said he knew the military people had orchestrated the attack and they did it with the intention to silence the journalists.
The video clipping of Mir’s speech had gone viral on social media platforms.
In the apology statement, Mir said he got carried away with the speeches of the other journalists.