Flouting Covid-19 Norms, More Than 15000 Attend the Funeral Procession of Haji Rafat Ali in Jaipur in Rajasthan, Senior Police Officers Present in the Procession

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Haji Rafat Ali passed away on Monday in Jaipur. He was 65.
Flouting all the Covid-19 norms, more than 15000 attended the funeral procession of Haji Rafat Ali in Rajasthan’s Jaipur on Monday.
Ali, who was unwell for some time, passed away after suffering a heart attack Monday morning. He was 65.
Rajasthan is under lockdown till June 8. Lockdown was imposed in the state in April when Covid-19 cases were rising rapidly.
Police were not just providing security to the procession, senior police officers including the Superintendent of Police were present in the procession.
After protest by the netizens, the police lodged FIRs against 11 people including MLA Rafeeq Khan under the epidemic act.
A one-minute video clip of the procession has gone viral on the internet.
Police did not make any attempt to stop the crowd from joining the procession.
Under the lockdown rules, a gathering of more than five people is prohibited and no procession is allowed.