Hindustan Times Associate Editor Accuses NDTV Columnist & Panelist Swati Chaturvedi of Plagiarism

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Hindustan Times associate editor Zia Haq Saturday accused NDTV columnist and panellist Swati Chaturvedi of plagiarism.
Haq shared the screenshot of Chaturvedi’s column published on NDTV’s website Saturday. He also shared a screenshot of his piece which was published on May 3.
There is an uncanny similarity between the two screenshots which Haq shared.
The piece discussed the rise of BJP leader Himanta Biswa Sarma.
Sarma, a BJP leader from Assam, is widely credited with strengthening the NDA in the North-East.
He is a strong contender for the post of the chief minister of Assam. The newly elected MLAs of the BJP will choose their leader today in Guwahati.
This is not the first time Swati Chaturvedi in an attempt to defame Prime Minister Narendra Modi, many times she has been caught spreading fake news and morphed pictures on social media platforms.
It has been reported widely that she had once faked an interview of then Defence Minister George Fernandes in English newspaper Hindustan Times. She was asked to leave Hindustan Times for it.