524 Oxygen Concentrators Recovered, Black Marketeer & Owner of Restaurants in Delhi’s Khan Market, Navneet Kalra, Still Absconding

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The Delhi Police have recovered 524 Oxygen concentrators in the last two days. Hoarder and black marketeer, Navneet Kalra, is still absconding.
With the sudden rise of Covid-19 patients in the country, Oxygen concentrators have become an essential commodity to fight the virus.
WIth high number of cases in Delhi/NCR, Oxygen concentrators are in huge demand.
Kalra, a high profile businessman, is the owner of premium chain of restaurants in Delhi, including Khan Chacha and Town Hall.
The Oxygen concentrators were recovered from his restaurants. The Delhi Police said it had accessed Whatsapp chats where Kalra is negotiating the prices with the buyers.
The price of an Oxygen concentrator is about INR 20,000. Kalra was selling it at INR 70,000 a piece.4
Matrix Cellular CEO Gourav Khanna has been arrested in the case. Khanna is involved in importing and marketing the Oxygen concentrators.
Khanna is a friend of Kalra.
The Delhi Police has transferred the case to the Crime Branch.
The Crime Branch is conducting raids across Delhi/NCR to arrest Kalra.