Senior RSS Leader Urges Swayamsevaks in West Bengal to Protect the Victims and Stay by the Side of Hindu Society

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Senior RSS leader Bidyut Mukherjee has asked the Swayamsevaks in West Bengal to protect the victims and stay by the side of the Hindu society.
He said, “At this time it is our greatest duty to calmly stay by the side of Hindu society...We shall have to prepare for the protection of Hindu society.”
Mukherjee, Kshetra Sampark Pramukh, also asked the Swayamsevaks to preserve all the photographs and videos of the violent actions of the TMC.
He also asked the cadre to verify all the facts of the violence and also be cautious of the rumours around them.
A press statement to this effect was released by the Kshetra Sampark Pramukh.
The Trinamool Congress’ workers are attacking the RSS and BJP workers. More than 15 BJP workers have lost their lives in the last three days.
Many offices of the BJP and the RSS and workers’ houses have been vandalised and torched.
Mukherjee asked the cadre to help the people who have been targeted by the TMC.
Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee led Trinamool Congress won the just concluded assembly polls.
TMC cadre, with help from the administration, has unleashed havoc on the BJP and RSS workers.
The RSS leader asked the swayamsevaks to forward their complaints to the administration in a democratic manner following Covid-19 protocols.
The statement read, “We shall complain to the administration in a democratic manner, we shall organise deputations to the head of administration (following covid protocol).”
It reminded the cadre that RSS had seen the worst in the past but it had emerged stronger.