BJP candidate and Scientist Gobardhan Das Home attacked by TMC Goons, Governor takes the Cognisance

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“Early morning, TMC Goondas came on several motorbikes and threw bombs in front of my home. They were abusing me. In several places in my constituency, they attacked BJP workers and ransacked their houses”, said BJP’s Purbasthali Uttar candidate and scientist Dr Gobardhan Das.
In a telephonic conversation, Dr Gobardhan told Organiser Weekly, “there is an environment of fear across Bengal. I am trapped inside my home along with my family members.”
“Situation is quite worse here”, he added.
Bombs have been hurled at the home of scientist and BJP’s Purbasthali Uttar candidate Dr Gobardhan Das’s home in West Bengal by alleged TMC workers. The mobs have also attacked various party workers in his village.
Gobardhan Das is an accomplished scientist having an experience of over 19 years in medicine and science. He has done his PhD from the Institute of Microbial Technology, India, in 1997. His thesis for his PhD was on the immunological basis of susceptibility and resistance in animal models of tuberculosis.
The post-result violence perpetrated by Jihadis and Mamata Banerjee goons resulted in the deaths of six BJP workers. In a press release released last night, BJP said that over 140 party workers have been killed in post-result
The BJP has also alleged that two of its women poll officials were gang-raped in Birbhum.
Speaking at the virtual press conference on Tuesday (April 5), Bengal BJP leader Anirban Ganguly said people who voted for the TMC in Bengal should ask whether whatever happening in Bengal is right.
“Whatever the TMC is doing is very close to Nazi Germany’s fascism. This is a fascist government. Such incidents do not take place in a democratic government,” Ganguly said and asked where the political leaders of other Opposition parties are and why they are silent about this.
Violence breaks out across Bengal the day after the poll results.
Videos of arson at BJP offices, photos of dead men, TMC goons beating BJP women supporters and people scampering with apparel looted from a shop were everywhere on social media.