BJP leader Swapan Dasgupta urges Calcutta HC to take suo moto action to control Bengal violence

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BJP's Tarakeswar poll candidate Swapan Dasgupta urged the Calcutta HC Chief Justice to take suo moto action directing the West Bengal administration to stop the post-poll violence in the state. Swapan Dasgupta accused a complete breakdown of law and order in WB. Swapan Da tweeted, “An Appeal to the Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court to take suo moto action directing the administration to stop the wave of political recriminations in W Bengal. There is a total breakdown of law & order in the districts & the mobs are having a field day settling scores. "
"Some 2.28 crore people in Bengal voted for BJP. Do they not have human rights and democratic freedoms? What is happening in West Bengal is an assault on Indian democracy. I am not pleading; I am demanding administrative action to stop the violence," Swapan Dasgupta added.
“There is a feeling of helplessness when you receive desperate calls from BJP supporters in Tarakeshwar whose houses are being smashed by goons as political retribution. The police have retreated into the thanas & it is free for all. Is there any rule of law & democracy in Bengal?” Swapan Dasgupta tweeted.