As Bengal burns, actor Parambrata celebrates 'Ragad Dena Day'

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West Bengal voted decisively in favour of Trinamool Congress (TMC) on Sunday (May 2). The final tally stands at TMC 213 and BJP 77.
BJP graciously accepted defeat with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh congratulating Mamata Banerjee.
However, unspeakable violence broke out in Bengal’s rural areas and small towns with victory rallies of TMC.
The Bengal BJP in its official whats app group has been sharing pictures and videos of arson, loot, murders and molestation. Not only this, the Bengal BJP claimed that two of its women workers have been gang-raped. The West Bengal police said that this is fake news. But in two press conferences on Tuesday morning, Bengal BJP leader stuck to their claim that the rapes have happened. BJP leader Saumitra Khan tweeted the picture of gang-raped karyakarta of Nanoor, Birbhum. In a separate press conference, BJP leader Anirban Ganguly spoke about rape and murder of BJP workers.
Meanwhile, actor Parambrata, who is a big star of Bengali Cinema had before the beginning of the violence tweeted, there should be the ‘World Rograni Day’, (ragad dete hain) by making fun of Bengal BJP President Dilip Ghosh to which actor Swastika Mukherjee HOK HOK (Let it Happen, Let it Happen).
Later realising his mistakes, the actor tweeted that he condemns violence but warned people not to fall for right-wing propaganda.
Meanwhile, here is a first-person account from a Hindu resident of New town area, who has now fled West Bengal. She says Muslims are breaking down and looting Hindu shops, dragging Hindus out of their homes to beat them up. No news channel will show this in the name of secularism. Even COVID-19 patients who are thought to have voted for BJP have to fall at their feet and pay hafta to save dying patients in the hospitals.
One IBM employee was carrying an oxygen cylinder to help a COVID-19 patient. He was pull down from his bike and beaten up because his bike has an Andhra Pradesh registration number. The crowd shouted Bohirogotoder Probesh Nishedh (outsiders not be allowed) in Bengal. This person has recently shifted from Bengaluru to Kolkata.