Congress National Spokesperson Supriya Shrinate Calls BJP Spokesperson Sambit Patra ‘Gandi Nali Ka Kida’ on Live TV

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Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinate called BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra ‘Gandi Nali Ka Kida’ on a live TV debate on Sunday. 
She did stop here. She kept abusing Patra even after anchor Anjana Om Kashyap asked her not to do it.
A former executive editor with Times Group, she contested 2019 Lok Sabha polls from the Maharajganj constituency in Uttar Pradesh.
Her father, Congress leader Harshvardhan Singh, is a two-time Member of Parliament from Maharajganj.
Patra later tweeted, “Friends do remember one thing ..for the So called “Gandhi Family” at the end of the day we all are “दो कौड़ी के गंदी नाली के कीड़े” while they are the “Sahzade” & “Sahzadis” ...Never Forget & Never Forgive ..The Dynasts should get it back!!”
Sandip Ghose, a political commentator tweeted, “Sense of “Entitlement” is a perk of being a #Congress office bearer. It is like a “privy purse” of the GOP. Especially true for 2nd/3rd Gen Congressis. By extension - members of the eco-system - journalists, public intellectuals etc - also claim it.”
Anchor and political commentator Shehzad Poonawalla tweeted, “नाली के कीड़े! I thought @RahulGandhi wanted to do Pyaar ji Rajniti but here you have the official spokesperson calling @BJP4India spokesman NAALI KA KEEDA Another Congress spokesperson had used Bhadwa Dalaal for an anchor on air This is what AICC Media Dept sanctions?”