‘The Thirst for Muslim Vote Bank’: Kerala Assembly passes resolution against Lakshadweep administrator, parrots Islamists’ paropaganda

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The Kerala Legislative Assembly on Monday unanimously passed the resolution to call back the administrator of Lakshadweep and sought the centre's intervention in the Lakshadweep issue. Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said, "Centre should intervene in Lakshadweep issue. It's the Centre's responsibility to ensure that people's interest should be protected.
"The Opposition also supported the special resolution. The resolution calls for the immediate intervention of the centre to protect the lives and livelihoods of the island people. It also demanded the recall of the Lakshadweep administration and the controversial reforms.
Over the last week, several leaders have called for a new administrator in the Lakshadweep islands over the reforms announced by Praful Patel.
CPM, the ruling party in Kerala, had been constantly trying to appease Muslims. There had vehemently opposed CAA and NRC. This drama over Lakshadweep should be seen as a desperate attempt to woo Muslim voters in Kerala. The party, which is non-existential in Lakshadweep is also eying a prominent politician in Lakshadweep politics.