The Young Turks of the Left Fall Silent in West Bengal

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The Left had hoped its Young Turks would deliver big in the West Bengal Assembly polls.
But all the Young Turks fielded by the party fell silent. The Left drew a blank.
Meenakshi Mukherjee could not even save her deposit in Nandigram. She got 6267 votes, just 2.47 percent of the valid votes polled.
The JNU Students Union president Aishe Ghosh stood a distant third in Jamuria constituency. She polled 24818 votes.
The Left Front had given about 70 percent of the tickets to people in the age bracket of 25-50, hoping its Young Turks would be better able to connect with the masses.
The CPM got just 4.68 percent of the votes whereas CPI got 0.2 percent and CPI(ML) got 0.03 percent.
Another rising star of the Left from JNU, Dipsita Dhar got just 22040 votes in Bally constituency and stood distant third.
Srijan Bhattacharya, who is reportedly being nurtured for a bigger role in the party, got just 30016 votes in the Singur constituency.
The Left has allied with Congress and Abbas Siddique’s ISF for the West Bengal polls.
They could not even open their accounts.