Highest single day load of 1195 Metric Tonnes of Oxygen relief delivered by Oxygen Expresses

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Indian Railways has so far delivered more than 18 thousand 980 Metric Tonnes of Liquid Medical Oxygen- LMO in over one thousand 141 tankers to various states across the country. The Ministry of Railways in a statement said that 284 Oxygen Express have completed their journey so far and brought relief to various States.
The Ministry said, Oxygen relief by Oxygen Express has reached out to 15 states including Uttarakhand, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Kerala, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Assam.
Oxygen Express delivered their highest single day load of one thousand 195 Metric Tonnes Oxygen relief to the Nation surpassing its previous high of one thousand 142 Metric Tonnes delivered on 23rd May.
Indian Railways has mapped different routes with Oxygen supply locations and keeps itself ready with any emerging need of the States.