Lakshadweep Collector Asker Ali punctures Islamists’ propaganda, says people with vested interest behind protests

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Replying to the ongoing Islamists’ propaganda warfare against the Lakshadweep administration and the union government, Lakshadweep Collector Asker said that the current administration is taking steps to improve the living standards of the people of Lakshadweep. He also pointed out that people with vested interests were behind the manufactured protests.
"Liquor licenses are meant only for tourism purposes. The aim is to make good progress in the field of tourism. Better health facilities will be ensured in Lakshadweep. The island will soon become self-sufficient in the health sector New hospitals will be built in Agatti, Kavaratti, and Minicoy islands Agatti airport will be renovated soon The seawall construction contract will be signed within a month," Asker Ali said.
Asker Ali said that many important development projects are currently being build in various Islands of Lakshadweep including the construction of modern schools and better healthcare facilities. He said that the common people of the Island were in support of the administration and People, mostly outsiders were behind the false campaigns against the Lakshadweep administration.
The Collector was addressing the press at Kochi Press club.