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Indian Armed Forces have once again risen to the occasion and saved people from Cyclone ‘Tauktae’. Along with Indian Coast Guard, they mobilised their resources from various parts of the country to the Western Coast and assisted the civil administration in rescue and relief operations.
Indian Navy:
Indian Navy ships and aircraft— INS Kochi, Kolkata, Beas, Betwa, Teg, P8I maritime surveillance aircraft, Chetak and Seaking helicopters undertook massive SAR operations and saved
many lives.
They are engaged in a massive SAR operation of Barge P-305, which sank 35 nautical miles from Mumbai.
On May 19, INS Kochi and INS Kolkata disembarked survivors and mortal remains of 22 crew members and immediately sailed out again to continue the Search effort.
INS Talwar has joined the other naval ships searching for missing crew of barge P-305.
INS Talwar assisted Support Station 3 and Drill Ship Sagar Bhushan, which are now being safely towed back to Mumbai by ONGC support vessels.
Seaking helicopter have rescued 35 crew of GAL Constructor
The sea continues to be extremely rough posing a challenge to the ships and aircraft involved in SAR operations.

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Indian Air Force:
IAF had deployed 2 C-130J and 1 An-32 aircraft for transportation of 167 personnel and 16.5 tonnes of load of NDRF from Kolkata to Ahmedabad. Another C-130J and 2 An-32 aircraft carried 121 NDRF personnel and 11.6 tonnes of load from Vijayawada to Ahmedabad. Also, 2 C-130J aircraft transported 110 personnel and 15 tonnes of cargo for NDRF from Pune to Ahmedabad.

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Indian Army:
Indian Army mobilised columns and Engineer Task Forces (ETF) to the Western Coast from various parts of the Country for rescue and relief operations. Overall, 180 teams and 9 ETF are spread over the geographical area supporting civil administration. In a sustained effort of more than 36 hours, they cleared the main artery of Diu which was blocked by fallen trees and electric poles due to cyclone. Army has established a number of field medical posts and is providing medical assistance in cyclone affected areas.
ICG Relief Operations:
In relentless pre-emptive measures, ICG Ships, Aircraft and Shore stations had continuously relayed warning to fishermen and Merchant Vessels over South East Arabian Sea and adjoining Lakshadweep Island of impending adverse weather due Cyclone Tauktae. 40 ICG Disaster Response Team were put on standby.
It ensured safe return of all fishing boats.
ICGS Vikram rescued distressed fishing boat Badhriya off Kannur in a midnight operation.

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ICGS Aryaman rescued Boat IFB Jesus stranded 35 NM off Kochi with 12 crew.
In coordination with Indian Navy, saved all 9 crew of Tug Coromandal Supporter IX grounded off Mulki rocks (Karnataka).
ICGS Samrat rendered assistance to ONGC barge GAL CONSTRUCTOR with 137 personnel onboard. 50 crew were airlifted. Rescue operation continues
Averted risk of major oil spill from the drifting MT Deshbhakt and OSV Greatship Aditi engaged in SPM operation at Mumbai high.