'Four-five Muslim men tried to rape me', four-months pregnant lady recalls the horror of Muslim mob attack in Purnea

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The horror and nightmare of the Muslim mob attack of May 19 still loom large in the minds of Mahadalits of Majhuwa village in Bihar’s Purnea.
A four-month pregnant lady narrated the horror, saying four-five Muslim men tried to rape her but they couldn’t they beat her with chains.
She said she still gets nightmares and lives in the shadow of fear.
In the night of May 19, a mob of 200 Muslim men attacked a Mahadalit colony in Bihar’s Purnea.
Mewalal Rai was beaten to death by the mob.
The mob burnt around 15 houses to ashes.
An AHSA worker, who had helped in deliveries in the houses of the accused, said, “They knew me very well but they didn’t spare me. They even tried to rape me but when they couldn’t they molested me and beat me.”
ASHA workers are paramedics who are trained to help women and children with medical issues in villages.
Of more than 160 accused, five have been arrested.
The Mahadalits are forced to stay in the open as no alternative arrangements have been made by the administration so far.
The mob did not spare even children and old people.
A retired watchman, Mewalal, who was 70 years old, was beaten to death. A three-year-old child had gone missing after the attack.
The Muslim mob, carrying an iron rod and petrol, surrounded the houses from all sides and attacked shouting Allahu Akbar.
The Mahadalits were caught unaware.