Secularism Congress Style: Ban on Loudspeakers in Temples in Rajasthan, But No Such Ban on Mosques

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The Congress government in Rajasthan led by Ashok Gehlot has banned the use of loudspeakers in temples but has spared mosques from any such ban.
Sanganer MLA Dr. Ashok Lahoty said Monday the temples in his constituency had been banned from using loudspeakers but there was no such ban on mosques.
In the complaint letter, he wrote, “Because of this discriminatory policy of the administration, people in the area are angry. Either all loudspeakers should be banned or temples should also be allowed to use loudspeakers.”
The temples in the area were using loudspeakers for a long time.
Mosques use loudspeakers five times a day. Despite this, no action has been taken against them.
The MLA has cautioned the administration that this could harm the peaceful environment of the area.
He has requested the administration to quickly take the corrective steps.