Can 100 litres of milk be distributed among 80,000 people? Islamists’ propaganda against the Lakshadweep administrator falls flat

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For the past few days, Islamists had been trying to unleash propaganda warfare against the Lakshadweep administrator Praful Patel and the union government. The various reforms carried out by the administrator aimed at developing the basic infrastructure of Lakshadweep and attracting tourism, are being targeted by the Islamists with blatant lies. One of the propaganda spread by the Islamists is that the administrator has decided to shut the government dairy farms and sell all the cows in these farms to favour Amul company.
This propaganda was widely circulated in the Islamist groups. But now, more information has come out regarding the sale which punctures the Jihadi tyre.
In total there are 35 cows/buffalos/ calves in the two farms run by the government. In total, per day they get around 100 litres of milk and the milk is sold at Rs 35/ ltr. The real problem is the high expenses in looking after these cattle. Fodder has to come from Kerala and grass for feeding these cattle is only grown in one of the Islands in Lakshadweep. Due to the financial unfeasibility of looking after them, the administration decided to auction these cattle. The administration has also decided to import Amul milk since it’s affordable and is of high quality.
Islamists tried the narrative that the domestic farms were closed to help Amul. In that case, the magic of sharing 100-litre milk to 80,000 inhabitants in Lakshadweep should be disclosed to the public!
Jihadis tried to create an issue out of nothing and now it has fallen flat.