BBC Thinks Central Vista Project is About New House for the Indian Prime Minister

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BBC published a piece about the Central Vista Project Tuesday headlined “Central Vista: Does Indian PM Narendra Modi really need a new house?”
The piece gives an impression that the Central Vista Project is about a new residence for the Indian Prime Minister.
BBC writes, “Much scorn has been reserved in particular for the PM's new house, due for completion by December 2022...By all accounts, Mr Modi's current accommodation is pretty fancy.”
The piece discusses at length the facilities at the current residence of the prime minister and tries to build a narrative that there is no need for a new residence for the prime minister.
The piece further quotes Nehru family scion and Congress MP Rahul Gandhi, architect Gautam Bhatia and political analyst Mohan Guruswamy to criticise the project.
At the very end, Union Housing and Urban Affairs Minister Hardeep Singh Puri’s one tweet has been quoted in defence of the project.
Even in that space, an anonymous bureaucrat has been quoted criticising the minister.
The piece does not even once mention why there is a need for a new parliament building and new office complexes.
The objectivity of the BBC could be understood from another story it published. It was titled “India's holiest river is swollen with bodies”.