Chhattisgarh IAS officer slaps man, smashes phone; Netizens demand Ranbir Sharma’s suspension

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The collector of Surajpur district in Chhattisgarh, Ranbir Sharma on Saturday was seen slapping a man and throwing his phone on the ground for violating Covid-19 safety norms during the lockdown in a video clip that went viral. The collector apologised shortly after a video of him hitting the man went viral on social media, resulting in sharp criticism from Netizens.
In the video, Ranbir Sharma can be seen showing a piece of paper and something on his mobile phone to the collector who takes the device and throws it to the ground.
Later, in a video where the Collector apologised for his behaviour, he said, “the boy was out for vaccination but there was no proper documentation. Later, the boy said he was going to visit his grandmother. I slapped him in heat of the moment when he misbehaved. He was 23-24 y/o & not 13. I regret & apologise for my behaviour.”
Netizens are demanding Ranbir Sharma’s sacking from his post.