Govt Asks Social Media Platforms to Remove All Posts Referring to B.1.617 Variant of Covid-19 as Indian Variant

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The Union government Friday asked all social media companies to remove all posts referring to the B.1.617 varint of Covid-19 as Indian variant.
The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology Friday asked all social media companies to immediately comply with the order.
"All social media platforms have been asked to remove all the content that names, refers to, or implies ‘Indian variant' of corona virus from your platform immediately", the PTI quoted the letter.
The ministry in its press release on May 12 had said, “Several media reports have covered the news of WHO classifying B.1.617 as a variant of global concern. Some of these reports have termed the B.1.617 variant of the coronavirus as an “Indian Variant”. These media reports are without any basis, and unfounded.”
The World Health Organisation clarified that it did not name variants with the name of countries of their origin.