Don’t Test Too Much As It Will Show State in Poor Light, ‘Friendly Journalists’ Told Maharashtra Minister and NCP Leader Nawab Malik

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‘Friendly journalists’ advised Maharashtra cabinet minister and senior NCP leader Nawab Malik to be less aggressive in testing Covid-19 as more positive cases would hurt the government’s image.
Malik said this in an interview with Hindi news channel Aaj Tak.
He did not reveal the name of the ‘friendly journalists’ who advised him.
Maharashtra has the maximum cases of Covid-19 in India.
The state has reported 86618 deaths due to Covid-19 till May 21.
On May 15, the state registered more than 66000 new Covid-19 cases which has now come down to under 30000. Does the advice of ‘friendly journalists’ have a role in this could not be ascertained.
Maharashtra is currently ruled by a coalition of Shiv Sena, Congress and NCP.