Scared of Shehzad Poonawalla? Congress Party Forces ABP News to Drop Him from Discussion Panel

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In a shameful incident that exposes the Congress’ bullying tactics against its critics, the Hindi news channel ABP News was asked by the Congress Party to drop political analyst Shehzad Poonawalla from the panel. Shehzad has shared an audio clip of his conversation with the representative from ABP News. In the audio, it is clear that someone from the top brass of the Congress party had dictated ABP news to omit him from TV discussion.
On Twitter, Shehzad wrote that he was requested by the ABP News to join their debate on Congress Toolkit issue at 5 PM. But later he received a call from the ABP representative telling him that the news channel had to cancel the request due to the Congress pressure.
 The Congress Party in his leaked toolkit had mentioned their friendly news outlets and using them for challenging the credibility of the Modi Government. A news channel like ABP News falling prey to Congress' Fatwa should not be taken lightly. Media, which is often described as the fourth pillar of democracy, fearing a threat from a political outfit, dropping an invited guest marks a black day for our democracy.