Hamas vs the State of Israel - More than a geopolitical turmoil

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-Anindith Gowda Kochi Baarike 

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Trigger warning: 3,100 rockets in 7 days!
This is the raw data of the barrage of rockets fired by Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades (the "military wing" of a listed terror organisation, Hamas) over the territory of the State of Israel.
In the process of protecting the very "Existence" of the Israel state, it is Israel's Iron Dome Aerial Defence System that has been successful in intercepting most of the terrorist's rockets.
As the Tamir missiles launched from the batteries of Israel's Iron Dome intercepted the incoming terrorist's rockets (by blasting the incoming trouble on the air itself), the projectile's prowess was further disinterred.
The handles with blood on their tweets were irked!
These heartless and insensitive (for the lack of a better word, better termed as an account; account as in social media account) accounts are otherwise mute spectators on the Carnage of ancient civilizations.
But this time around, they were the ones supranationally fanning what is supposedly an act of violence and tyranny by a state! (Which was only exercising its right to self-defence in resistance to terrorist projectile entering its civilisational sacred land) Handles of the "The Supranational Political System under the garb of a belief system" had been spineless over the post-poll violence unleashed at the Indian State of Bengal.
For the Ummah of the "Intifada," the new theatre of conflict has shifted from Sheikh Jarrah to the supranational virtual (flat) world.
The strategic silence of "The Supranational Political System under the garb of a belief system" is a goof-up that seems to exacerbate further.
The contours of hearing the air raid siren and huddling towards a bomb shelter are only understood by those who unfortunately had to go through it.
In the backdrop of this, De-Hyphenation could also be viewed through the lens of Pragmatism (given the historical context). Does this seem to remind of Hungtington's "Clash of Civilization" thesis?
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