Corona Virus Originated in Wuhan Lab and Risk of Bioterror is Very Real, Says Secretary of State in Trump Administration Mike Pompeo

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The US Secretary of State in the Trump administration, Mike Pompeo, said coronavirus originated from a lab in Wuhan. He added the risk of bioterror was very real.
He criticised the Chinese Communist party for covering up the origin of the virus.
The Chinese authorities did not allow the visiting team of specialists from the WHO access to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
The authorities presented the team with their own findings.
Secretary Pompeo alerted about the possibility of a biological weapon.
China has stonewalled any attempt to investigate the origin of the coronavirus.
Now, multiple sources have concluded that the virus originated in a lab in Wuhan in China.
Secretary Pompeo also said they tried to get all the evidence to the CDC but the Chinese authorities didn’t allow any access.
The evidence to suggest anything contrary hadn’t been seen, he added.
China has been saying that it’s a victim of coronavirus and has been pushing hard that the virus originated in some western country.