Adeel Raja, CNN Associated Pakistani Journalist, Tweets Anti-Semitic Msg “The World Today Needs A Hitler” in Context of Israel-Palestine Conflict, Later Defends It in Name of Freedom of Expression

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Adeel Raja, a Pakistani journalist associated with CNN since 2013, tweeted “The World Today Needs A Hitler” in context of Israel-Palestine conflict.
Gaza-based terrorist organisation Hamas has fired more than 3500 rockets in Israel since last Monday. Israel, too, has taken action in self-defence.
Raja tweeted anti-semitic tweet on Sunday. Following a social media storm, he deleted the tweet later.
He has a history of tweeting hate messages.
Adeel has a verified account with 81.5K followers.
Using the same Twitter handle, he justified his comment saying it had contributed to the Palestinian cause.
He also criticised the West for not respecting his Freedom of Expression and Human Rights.
Twitter has not taken any action against Adeel’s account.