Whitewashing Terrorism NDTV Style: For Soumya Santhosh, Who Was Killed in Hamas Attack On Israel, NDTV Writes “Killed in Israel Rocket Strike”

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Soumya Santhosh, an Indian nurse from Kerala, was killed on Tuesday in an Hamas rocket attack on Israel. Her body was brought back to India Saturday.
NDTV reported “Body Of Kerala Woman Killed In Israel Rocket Strike Brought Back To India”.
Many social media users pointed to the whitewashing of the Hamas crimes by NDTV.
It issued a correction writing: Body Of Kerala Woman Killed In Rocket Strike In Israel Brought Back To India.
It still didn’t mention in the headline that the attack was carried out by Gaza based terror group Hamas.
Since Monday, Gaza based terrorist organisation Hamas has fired more than 2500 rockets in Israel. Israel retaliated in self-defence.
The day Soumya was killed, it was International Nurses Day.
Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and other Left leaders refrained from issuing any condolence message.