NCPCR orders enquiry on ‘Nazareth Association for Social Awareness' for allegedly sharing sensitive data of minor orphans to foreign NGOs

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Based on a complaint filed by the Legal Rights Protection Forum, the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) has sought Chief Secretary of AP, Adithyanath Das IAS, to conduct an enquiry & submit a report on activities of 'Nazareth Association for Social Awareness' & 'Nazareth Educational Society' which have been sharing sensitive data of minor orphans and victims of sexual harassment to Scotland based NGO- Scottish Love in Action and also circulating the same on various foreign websites. NCPCR in its letter to CS of AP stated that publicly disclosing the data of children including victims of sexual harassment is a violation of section 74 of JJ Act 2015 and section 228A of the IPC.
The commission observed that “the disclosure of such data of children on a public platform or the information being collected by the NGO makes the children vulnerable and susceptible to trafficking, abuse, cruelty, illegal adoption etc”.
The NCPCR_ also sought an inquiry into frequent visits of foreigners to Children Homes run by above mentioned FCRA NGOs, in the name of volunteers which is a serious concern for the safety and security of children as also erasing of religious identity of orphans and imposing Christian religious values on minor children.
NCPCR expressed doubt whether orphan children living in the homes of said NGOs have been produced before CWC as mandated. Commission sought a detailed enquiry into the matter and Action Taken Report within 07 days.
Mr. Sony Wood Nuthalapati is the Chief Functionary and President of Nazareth Educational Society. He's also a member of the Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission