After Admitting He Knew About ‘Gangrape’ at Tikri Border, ‘Farmer Leader’ Yogendra Yadav Sermonises Govt in The Print Column

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‘Farmer leader’ Yogendra Yadav wrote his regular column at news portal ThePrint Wednesday sermonising the government about Covid-19 management.
In the same week Monday, Yadav had admitted that he knew about the ‘sexual harassment’ of a young girl at Tikri border.
This ‘sexual harassment’ was actually gangrape.The girl died on April 30.
In the same press conference Monday, Yadav elaborated in length how he was in direct contact with the victim as well as the offenders.
Yadav, a known Modi opponent, has 1.6M twitter followers.
The Print’s founder and Editor-in-Chief Shekhar Gupta shared the latest column of Yadav Wednesday evening.
Now, here comes the interesting part.
The Print’s columnist Abhijit Iyer-Mitra has written a sexually loaded tweet in June last year. Social media uproar followed.
Result? Iyer-Mitra was dropped as a columnist at ThePrint.
He is known for his anti-Left views.
Yadav has been trying hard to deflect any accountability for misdeeds in the farmers’ protest.
The farmers protesting at Delhi border had indulged in massive rioting in Delhi on January 26. Yadav, who has been representing the protesting farmers, distanced himself from riots.