Bollywood Stars Conveniently Ignore Kerala Nurse Soumya Santhosh Killed by Palestinian Terrorists in Israel

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Commemorating the occasion of International Nurses Day, on Wednesday, Bollywood stars dedicated posts to all the nurses who are tirelessly working during the pandemic, thanking them for their commendable effort in fighting Covid-19.
But, they all conveniently ignored Kerala nurse Soumya Santhosh who was killed Monday night by Palestinian terrorists in Israel. She was 31.
Some of the Bollywood stars expressed solidarity with the Palestinian terrorists.
Abhishek Bachchan shared a video montage on Twitter with short accounts of nurses who have been serving patients during the pandemic.
Kajol also shared a video on Twitter, lauding the efforts of nurses, and tweeted, "In times like this let's raise a toast to our very own practical gods and goddesses! #InternationalNursesDay."
Sidharth Malhotra shared an Instagram story celebrating the occasion and wrote, "Every day, while most of us are staying at home, nurses are working round the clock to keep us healthy. They have always been and will continue to be, crucial to our well-being tirelessly to save lives everyday. Happy#InternationalNursesDay."
Randeep Hooda also thanked the nurses on his Instagram story by writing, "Thank you for doing your best to nurse humanity back to health #InternationalNursesDay."
Sanjay Dutt posted a heartfelt note on his Instagram story that read, "In the past few days, I've come across news of nurses trying to uplift the spirit of their patients while they themselves are going through emotional and physical stress. My heartfelt gratitude to you all for everything that you're doing for us."
International Nurses Day is observed annually around the world on May 12 to commemorate nurses and the nursing profession globally.
(With inputs from ANI)