BMS felicitates Nurses & Health Workers in connection with World Nurses Day

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The Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS) felicitated Nurses & Health workers on 12th May 2021 in connection with World Nurses Day as per health guidelines issued by the District authorities. In this regard, BMS had directed all Its State Units and Industrial federations to contact Departmental Hospitals, Governmental Hospitals, Private Hospitals and Corporate hospitals’ Nurses and Health Workers and organize felicitation programmes by following Covid norms in recognition of their services.
The BMS units had already undertaken Corona Second Wave awareness activities. In States like-Kerala, Bihar, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and different Industrial Federations have initiated different activities like conducting Vaccination awareness, Masks distribution, Hand sanitizer distribution, Sanitization of Buses, hospitals; maintaining Home Quarantine Centers in association with Sewa Bharathi and other local Organizations; organizing Blood donation & Plasma donation programmes.
During the Covid -19 period, the nurses along with Health workers have rendered yeoman services to Covid patients throughout the country. Thus the Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh decided to conduct the World Nurses Day on 12th May 2021, to extend moral support to these people and also appreciate their great services rendered during the Pandemic.