Swayamsevaks Calmly running a free Covid Care Centre in Visakhapatnam

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Vijayawada: The Vignan Vihar School (Vidya Bharati), which till yesterday provided a cultured education to thousands of students on the outskirts of Visakhapatnam, has now been turned into a Covid Care Centre.
However, the 100-beded Covid Care Centre offers free medical care. RSS swayamsevaks, who believe that service to human is service to God, are serving the Covid patients in various ways.
Free medical care, free bed, free medication, healthy and nutritious food, as well as other services not even typically found in corporate hospitals are also available here.
It specializes in daily yoga practice to patients, pranayama and counselling with specialist doctors. Here men and women are kept in separate wards.
The centre is surrounded by hills and a pleasant atmosphere in a mango orchard.
They also have two ambulances here for emergency services. However, due to the unavailability of oxygen service at the centre, only Covid patients only under the age of 50 who do not have respiratory problems are admitted.
Therefore, this Covid Care Centre run by the RSS for patients who are suffering from Covid symptoms and whose condition is not yet serious, and who want to stay away from other family members after Covid becomes positive and want to recover from Covid.
This free Covid Care Centre is well run by swayamsevaks who do not expect any recognition or reputation.