‘The Republic of Twitter’ Suspends the Official Account of Lt. Governor of J&K

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Social media platform Twitter Monday evening suspended the account of the Office of Lt. Governor of J&K.
The handle @Officeof LGJandK was suspended without any explanation.
It did not offer any explanation for doing so.
Late in the evening Monday it was reported that the account was suspended because of a technical error and it would be restored soon.
After a few hours of suspension, the account was restored. But, Twitter did not bother to offer any explanation for its actions.
Twitter India had defied the Union government’s order in the wake of the riots in Delhi on January 26.
When the government asked Twitter to pull down some handles as they were spreading hate and fake narratives, it did not comply with the order.
Finally, a Union secretary had to issue Twitter warnings about its conduct.
Twitter has successfully evaded responsibility for its actions so far.