'Farmer Leader' Yogendra Yadav Deflects Accountability in Girl’s Rape & Death Case at Tikri Border, Says Accused Not Part of Core Committee, Rakesh Tikait Missing in Action

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Farmer leader Yogendra Yadav deflected any accountability for the rape and death of a girl at Tikri border.
In a press conference Monday, Yadav said the main accused, who claim to represent Farmer Social Army, were not part of any of their core committees and they didn't know about them.
He also admitted he knew about the incident of rape on April 24.
A girl from Bengal, who had come to participate in the farmers’ protest at Tikri border, was raped. She died in a hospital on April 30.
Yadav, who had been spearheading the farmers’ protest, had similarly deflected any accountability for farmers’ riots in Delhi on January 26.
Yadav Monday said when he first contacted the girl on April 24, she was being taken by main accused Anil and Anoop in a car.
They lied to him that the girl’s father had asked them to take her to Bengal and they had crossed Agra with the victim in the car.
But, their WhatsApp location revealed that they were in Haryana.
It’s unclear even after knowing about the sexual harassment incident and catching Anil and Anoop redhanded, why Yadav remained silent for so long.
Yadav's colleague, Rakesh Tikait, is still missing in action.